The Academy of Applied Engineering (AAE) was established to serve the growing training needs in the application of highly-advanced technological and engineering equipment. Dedicated to offering quality training programmes directed at applied engineering techniques, condition monitoring and performance management competency, AAE is a pure knowledge company without any product selling.Since 1996, AAE has been offering courses under its flagship company, Total Solution System Integrator, working in collaboration with Infrared Training Centre (ITC), the largest Infrared Training provider in the world, in providing Certification and Non-certification Training on Infrared Thermography.The alliance with other internationally renowned partner consultancy and training presents AAE with an edge in providing a wider range of quality courses. Being affiliated with these prestigious partners complement the pioneering efforts of AAE in ensuring superior tutorship, up-to-date facilities and technological know-how to give the students what they want and what they need so they can do their jobs successfully.

To ensure practicality and appreciation of what the students are learning, AAE brings the field into the lab with real-world hands-on workshops. AAE courses are interesting, fun and practical. With a commitment that bears testimony today, AAE remains the leading choice among engineers & facility maintenance managers across Malaysia and neighbouring countries in South East Asia.

Why Choose Us

  • Practical Hands-On Workshops and Lab Sessions 
    To ensure our participants know how to use the right equipments before they are certified, we emphasize on a “hands-on” approach to teaching in the world’s best equipped teaching facilities. These include:-
    • The use of the latest models of applicable equipment & tools;
    • Workshop sessions using specially created lab equipment to emulate actual application conditions;
    • Site visits of actual workplaces (for in-house courses); and
    • Computer lab installed with the latest applicable software (available depending on the course).
  • Quality Course Materials 
    Participants are provided with bounded full-colour printed Course Manuals and Presentation Notes.
    • Use of the Latest Models of State-of-the-Art Equipment & Tools
      Participants are provided with an array of the most advanced equipment and tools for participants to gain hands-on experience throughout the course. These include:
      • Infrared Thermography Cameras (for Infrared Thermography Courses)
      • Laser Alignment Equipment (for Alignment Courses)
      • Vibration Condition Monitoring Equipment (for Vibration Courses)
    • Internationally Recognised Certification
      • All ITC Infrared Course Certifications meet or exceed ASNT SNT-TC-1A guidelines. Level I and Level II thermography training courses are recognized by NETA (International Electrical Testing Association, an accredited standards developer for the American National Standards Institute, ANSI).
      • All SCEMM Course Certifications meet or exceed the Scandinavian Center for Maintenance Management (SCEMM) guidelines.
      • Conducive Learning Venue
        • All our courses are conducted at centrally located 5-Star Hotels, which provides a comfortable and conducive environment for learning.
      • Real-world Field Experience
    • All our teaching staff are certified trainers with advanced academic degrees and in developing and teaching the courses.
    • Our trainers are also working professionals with extensive practical real-world field experience.

    With the interest of our participants at heart, we have obtained Class “A” Approved Training Provider Status from HRDC (registered under Total Solution System Integrator Sdn Bhd) with the intention of converting our courses to be claimable under the PROLUS Scheme.

    At this point in time, all our courses are claimable under the HRDF SBL Scheme.