01-dB Metravib

Tools for all your vibration condition monitoring needs

Bearing Defender
Eagle Wireless Monitoring
Falcon Portable Analyser
MV – Real time monitoring

NEST i4 – Predictive Maintenance Software

Smart monitoring, diagnosis & solutions
ACOEM offers comprehensive products and services comprising smart monitoring, diagnosis and solutions, drawing upon its unique expertise in the field of vibrations and acoustics.

ACOEM contributes to the improvement of :
– quality of life and risk prevention in urban and industrial environments
– productivity and the reliability of industrial processes
– the design of robust and high-performance products with low noise levels
– protection of sites, vehicles and people in hostile environments

With its 01dB, Metravib and OneProd brands, ACOEM works with decision-makers in industry, defence and the environment throughout the world.

Through its ONEPROD and METRAVIB brands, ACOEM offers solutions to improve the productivity and reliability of industrial processes. ONEPROD is a range of equipment and condition monitoring services (CMS) for the industrial and energy sectors, ensuring that production facilities are maintained operational at the lowest cost. The ONEPROD range also includes data acquisition and processing solutions via simple and effective web interfaces, enabling operational staff to focus on their jobs and decision-making. Through METRAVIB, ACOEM offers its expertise in the field of noise and vibration engineering, combined with its know-how in system reliability. From design to the search for solutions, METRAVIB helps manufacturers, design offices and laboratories in the quest for ever more reliable and higher-performing products.

This dual expertise in predictive maintenance and solutions engineering makes ACOEM a unique partner, dedicated to innovation and with more than 40 years of experience shared with the industrial world and its reality.