Vibro-Acoustics Engineering

In the face of continuous changes and international competition,
companies must constantly seek to deliver excellent process
reliability. Increased throughput and greater productivity needs
can often push production equipment to its limit. The appearance
of any issues relating to noise, vibrations and shocks represents a
significant obstacle to operations.

With the joint establishment in Malaysia, TSSI together with
ACOEM 01dB-Metravib capitalizing on more than 30 years of
proven experience, METRAVIB is a valuable partner to assists
major companies in resolving these problems and improving the
reliability of facilities, offering innovative improvement and
optimization solutions.

TSSI and ACOEM is providing engineering resources in Malaysia
to optimize the cost for the following activities.

  • Onsite Troubleshooting
  • Redesign assistance (Vibration simulation, Noise map
    simulation, durability, etc)
  • Pre FEED and FEED design assistance (feeding France
    resources as back office for specific area of expertise
    including numerical simulation, solutions engineering, etc)
  • Airborne & structure borne noise (HSE, living quarters, etc)
  • Vibration analysis (structural modification, skid design, etc)
  • Machinery layout guidelines (mounting, installation, noise assessment)
  • Validation & onsite measurement (FAT, Onsite measurement, etc)
  • pipestress
  • finiteelement