Performance Monitoring

The way maintenance is regarded has changed a lot in recent years. While it was once a matter solely for the maintenance department, the production management and company management have become increasingly interested in controlling this important production factor. Companies everywhere are trying to increase the efficiency of the equipment. Paradoxically, different levels of maintenance costs may give the same result.

One way of achieving higher reliability is to change from routine calendar-controlled maintenance to condition-based maintenance. The transition from traditional maintenance to new techniques adapted to the maintenance needs of the equipment is often very time-consuming and difficult. Manual data collection is subjected to human error and reports are usually not generated in a timely manner to support the ever-growing requirements of condition-based maintenance.

TSSI offers a range of Performance Monitoring services such as:

  • Project management and consultation in implementing offline plant information system
  • Installation of Data Analysis Server
  • Tags configuration and management
  • Installation of Offline Performance Monitoring System
  • Loan of Digital Handheld device
    Generating of bar code tag

Monthly on-site visits to ensure the success of the implementation including:

  • System maintenance, such as data purging and archiving in ensuring optimum system operation
  • System alarm monitoring, in providing early alert to any abnormalities
  • Exception and data (trending) reports generation
  • Performance test report for compressor and pumps in detecting performance degradation
    Progressive monitoring of accurate data logging process